Designed for your body


StomaTuck is the soft-feel ostomy protector that provides a space under the waist band of your regular clothing where the ostomy bag can be tucked-in without pinching or creasing.

StomaTuck is gentle and discrete, it is comfortable to wear and it is easily clipped on and off.

An ostomy bag can be easily emptied with StomaTuck in place, and for urostomies, you can finally connect a leg bag to your ostomy bag without pinching off the flow.

StomaTuck is constructed from a special Soft-Touch polymer designed to allow for long term contact with skin. 


Easy to use

2step photos.jpg


Just takes a minute to  fasten to your waistband in two easy steps...

StomaTuck is compact measuring only 6.3” X 3.4” X 1.8” ( 15.9cm X 8.7cm X 4.5cm) and is very light-weight at only 2 oz (56 g)

The Look


Tops that tuck-in at the waistband are folded over the StomaTuck belt clip so the belt clip is visible. Tops that don't tuck in will never pull up to show a hanging ostomy bag, because the ostomy bag is neatly tucked into the waistband.

The Package

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Look for authentic StomaTuck packaging.  StomaTuck is the only ostomy support device that allows you to tuck your ostomy bag safely into your own clothing

The Video

Watch the video to see how you wear StomaTuck.  You can Order StomaTuck here